Our Hunting Guides

The "Stansel Boys" as they are known grew up fishing on Lake Calcasieu. Kirk, Guy and Bobby Joe found their passion on the lake and the duck blinds of southwest Louisiana as kids. Founded in 1975 "The Boys" have grown HR&G to be the largest charter and most respected fishing operation on the gulf coast. Their commitment to customer service, quality growth and knowledgeable employees continues to be the driving force each day. Come visit "the boys" soon and experience hunting or fishing trip that you will never forget.

Captain Brett Stansel

Brett is the son of Kirk and Lanette Stansel. He was raised in Hackberry on Lake Calcasieu at the knee of his dad. In 2010 Brett graduated from McNeese St. with a Wildlife Management degree. Since then he has been working fulltime and enjoys what he is doing as much as anyone. Brett is working on getting more involved and furthering his knowledge is the business. He enjoys meeting new people and sharing his knowledge on the outdoors.

Captain Bobby Stansel

Bobby began fishing at Hackberry Rod & Gun 25 years ago. Bobby’s wife Tila heads up our food, beverage and house keeping dept. At 6’6” Bobby wishes he could play basketball but believe me he is one of the best fishermen on the lake. His dry humor and quick wit will keep you on your toes.

Captain Kirk Stansel

Captain Kirk Stansel, managing partner and co-owner of Hackberry Rod and Gun in Hackberry Louisiana. Hackberry Rod and Gun is the largest light tackle saltwater fishing and duck hunting outfitter on the Gulf Coast and operates over 16 charter boats daily.

Kirk began his career in the fishing industry as a dedicated 20 year old after two years of college at McNeese state University. Captain Kirk is married to Lanette Stansel and has one son Brett who is also an active professional guide at the Lodge.

During His 38 years in the industry as professional guide and owner Kirk has mentored many young men that have gone on to be industry leaders in their own right. Considered one the most knowledgeable professionals in the country his guidance is invaluable to the entire staff at Hackberry Rod and Gun. His meticulous attention to detail drives his passion to be productive for his clients. For many years captain Kirk charted every single trip on the water with information for reference and detail for future trips.

Kirk is very active in National and community programs such as Ducks Unlimited, Coastal conservation association, Delta waterfowl and many others. He also continues to be a community leader in Hackberry serving at several levels on projects and programs and boards.

Captain Jake Darnsteadt

Jake grew up in the Vinton and Sulphur area. He has been guiding for over 14 years now. As a kid he was raised in the outdoors and is an avid fishermen and duck hunter. Jake’s great attitude and smile puts him right at the top of the list. He has the ability to fix anything and enjoys using heavy equipment.

Captain Jimmy Deason

Captain Jimmy has been guiding at Hackberry Rod and Gun since 1981. We call him "Paw Paw". Jimmy is very well respected in the industry and could probably a trout or redfish in a bathtub. You can always tell when Jimmy has had his morning fix of Geritol and a shot of five hour energy! All Systems are going to be pointing on GO!

Captain David Darnsteadt

Captain Darney was born in Westlake, LA and soon moved to Gum Cove. He has been hunting and fishing in the area his whole life. Darney has been guiding with us going on 11 years now and is one of the best at what he does. Once Darney steps into the boat he will do whatever it takes to put his people on fish.

Darrell Guidry

Captain Darrell is one of the few long time Hackberry natives that guides for us here at the lodge. He has been fishing and hunting this area since before he can remember. Darrell is as nice and easy going as they come. He is a hard fisherman and has no problems making friends on the boat.

Zach Mitchell

Zach is one of the best young fishermen on the lake. Learning how to fish at the knee of his dad Cain for many years and Zach has blossomed out big. Zach attends McNeese State University and is majoring in business, Bio Chemistry, Constitutional Interpolation and girls. If you are not sure of the word interpolation……. it is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. These college boys are smart. Zach was an all everything baseball player at Sulphur high school but he decided on a fishing scholarship at Hackberry Rod & Gun before entering college. Zach is a great asset to our family here at the lodge.

Travis Spicer

Travis is 24 and has been fishing since before he could walk. He has been guiding now for four years. Travis went to the big school of Hackberry. He grew up working in his family’s business at the local Spicer and Hughes Marina. Travis is married to Haley with one son and another on the way.

Brent Slusher

Brent grew up in SWLA and has been guiding for a total of 11 years now. He briefly left the guide business, but soon returned to his passion, fishing. He loves to see and be a part of the enjoyment that people get out of their first fish or biggest fish or the most fish. He is also an avid hunter and says he never misses. A veteran of the United States Marine corps…… and we thank him for his service.

Devon Fontenot

Devon was born and raised in Sulphur Louisiana, and graduated from Sulphur high school. He turned down golf scholarships to pursue a degree in process technology. While working on the Night Stalker last year Devon was able to get his Coast guard and Captain’s license and is a welcome addition to our family here at the lodge.

Trey Daugereaux

Trey was born and raised in Vinton, LA and graduated from Sulphur High School. He grew up fishing and hunting in the local marshes. Trey spent 14 years as a professional fire fighter. He has been a hunting guide since 1991 and started fishing Calcasieu about 10 years ago. He now lives in hackberry and enjoys working for the lodge. Trey is very patient and enjoys hunting and fishing with kids.

Captain Aaron Stephens

“Nooks” as he is known in these circles and to his customers is one of our part timers. Raised in Sulphur Louisiana “Nooks” has fished and hunted this area all of his life. One of the really true sportsmen left in the area he will eat ANYTHING. It is rumored that in his younger days he spent 2 weeks in the marsh eating nothing but the eyelids and gums of raccoons he trapped. Personally I don’t believe it. Maybe the eyelids but not the gums.

Brayden Wood

Originally from Moss Bluff, Louisiana, Brayden has lived on the Calcasieu river his entire life. Got his first boat at the age of 9 and began his love for fishing. Graduated from Sam Houston high school and started guiding hunted trips while expanding his fishing knowledge, After Leaving school at Southeastern University to pursue his dream job of guiding he Went to captain school in 2015. After graduating he joined our staff here at the lodge. Brayden Loves hunting and fishing with kids.

Kris Koonce