“Hackberry Rod & Gun’s long term success is based on three basic elements…Excellent food, outstanding lodging, competent guides, and what many, myself included, consider to be the finest redfish and speckled trout fishing to be found anywhere.”
Larry Bozka, Coastal Conservation Association

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU! for a wonderful time on the Night Stalker.  We caught quality AND quantity fish.  Your facilities and people are top notch and first class.  And Mike Dennis, our guide, was the most accommodating and professional guide (read: patient!) which made it a very enjoyable experience.  Hackberry Rod and Gun truly delivers southern hospitality!

John Lane, Sulphur, LA

A short note to thank you for our great trip on board the Night Stalker this past Sunday night.  Every aspect of the trip was absolutely professional.  From the time we checked in at the office until we departed the next morning, with our catch of trout bagged and on ice we were treated like we were old friends being welcomed back home.

Capt. Mike ran the trip in a safe and very productive manner.

I have been fishing for sport for 50 years and have fished from South Padre Island in Texas to the Everglades of Florida and I have never caught as many fish as we did this past Sunday with your group at Hackberry Rod and Gun Club.

Thank you and we look forward to another trip in the near future.

Larry E. Mannix, Houston, Texas

I’m 36 and have been fishing the Galveston and Matagorda Bay Systems since I was 8.  I am fortunate because my job allows me to fish quite often and my vendors put me on a lot of guided trips.  Hackberry Rod and Gun is by far the best operation I have ever seen. I always enjoy myself when I’m there – fish or no fish.  Ya’ll have a top notch outfit. Hope to get back soon.

Brian Cummings

Just a note to tell you we had a blast! Mike and Darrell are fantastic at their respective jobs, you can tell they really know their “business” and are definitely in the right line of work. (Pun intended). We laughed so much our sides hurt and all of us ladies are sore from reeling in so many fish. We had a fish fry Sunday night and rehashed the trip and laughed some more, poor Darrell hand his hands full with us ladies. We will all highly recommend Hackberry Rod and Gun to our other friends and plan to book future trips. Hackberry Rod and Gun is a first class act and we can’t wait to come back. Thank you for great memories!

Bill and Cindy Hopmann, Alvin, Texas

I was part of the Cutler-Hammer group with John D. last week. I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thanks for the great attempt to put our group on fish Thursday morning even though everything went against us. I heard everyone talking how hard the guides all chased and looked for fish. On top of that the weather…. rain, chocolate water, lightning and wind at daylight, power outage, boats in the slips out of the water with no electricity, dead battery in the boat. Nothing could stop our guides from getting us on the water when it was safe. Guy, Danny and ? at our slips took off the pulley belts and lowered the boats by hand knowing how bad we all wanted to get out when the storm cleared. Even though the odds were against us we were pumped to stick the big ones. We caught a few fish but that was not the best part of the trip. The best part was the hospitality and everything associated with HR&G experience. This was my first time with HR&G and I was not disappointed. The food, supper and breakfast was assume. All the staff were tremendously professional and a top notch class act. It was just an all around positive experience. The fishing trip was one thing, but to catch a few fish was just added bonus. I know we were there on an off day and hopefully the next trip is more productive but if it’s not I know the experience will be positive. I fished with Guy, Great job “Guy” thanks!

Darryl Baethge, Seguin, Texas

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU! for a wonderful time on the Night Stalker. We caught quality AND quantity trout. Your facilities and people are truly first class. And Mike Dennis, our guide, was the most accommodating and professional guide (read: patient!) which made it a very enjoyable experience. Hackberry Rod and Gun truly delivers southern hospitality!

John Lane, Sulphur, LA

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we enjoyed fishing the “Night Stalker” last Sunday night. My compliments to both Capt. Mike and Darrell, they really did a fine job. The boat was neat and clean and they were right there to help us do everything. I learned a new knot from Darrell and stole recipes from Mike! In case you didn’t know it, Mike is a killer chef and should have his own restaurant. He was even nice enough to share his home-grown tomatoes with us! Since he only works about 16 hours a day maybe you could fill in his free time by having him do some cooking for the lodge guests. (I’m sure he’ll appreciate that suggestion!) Anyway, they are great guys and we had a ball. See you next time,

Mike Odom

The trip was everything we expected and more.

Mike put us on the fish first try and we caught fish all night. In addition to the great fishing, we really enjoyed the fine Cajun “Pistolets” Mike cooked up for us. Not sure if you hire good guides that can also cook, or good cooks that can also guide but Mike certainly excels at both !

Looking forward to our next trip !

Richard Elliott & the Elliott Clan.

In the past year I have fished and hunted with you all many times and  have brought over 100 clients to your Lodge, and not one complaint. You all make this part of my job easy!

All of my clients have had such a great time many have booked trips on their own for them and family members, daughters, sons, parents and wife’s. The only thing is your food is not a place to be on a diet. Keep up the good work and wish I was there yesterday and today. thanks again for making my clients and my life simple when it comes to having a good time.

JB Gibson, Houston Texas

One day many years ago, Moses was going to part the Calcasieu Lake, but he saw HR&G guides fishing there and decided the Egyptian army would be easier to pick on.

Todd Masson, Louisiana Sportsman Magazine

Hackberry Rod & Gun for over 25 years has been guiding their customers to this region’s waterfowl bounty. HR&G’s holdings encompass more than 15,000 acres of marsh. They allocates one blind per thousand acres and sets out 350 to 500 decoys per blind to draw ducks to their hunters. Bagging a limit is virtually assured.

American Hunter’s Duck Hunting Hotspots

Hackberry Rod and Gun has become about the best know in North America. It has now reached a point that a familiar question among traveling water fowlers is: Have you hunted at Hackberry Rod & Gun Yet?

Worth Mathewson, Water Fowl Magazine

Cameron Parish is the traditional wintering ground for millions of ducks and a stopover for millions more headed to Mexico and Central America. To say that pintails, Mallards, Gadwall, Widgeon, teal, ring necks and several other species are abundant is a gross understatement. Here, birds are what sand is to the Sahara! They are everywhere, and they provide perhaps the most consistent shooting on the continent.

American Hunter’s Duck Hunting Hotspots

If you like chunking a top water plug and watching blow-ups of Big sow trout and Redfish, There’s plenty to interest you.

Joe Doggett, Houston Chronicle

Anytime you can find world class water fowling and fishing in the same area, then reach over the side of the boat for all of the oysters you can eat, there is something inherently special about this Eden. We won’t even get into the gumbo, etoufee (a-to-fay) or roast duck served at the lodge.

Mike Holliday, The Tribune