Many years ago when I first came to HR&G Martha Shaughnessy told me that she cooked her fish from time to time in the microwave. I said “NO WAY” she then proceeded to show me how she did it and some 40 years later we still cook some of our fish in the microwave. It is so quick and (can be healthy) – but the best part is you can add anything you want to make it GOOD. Here is the basic recipe the way Martha did it.


  • Cleaned Fish (trout or redfish) filets
  • McCormick lemon pepper
  • A couple of pats of butter


Sprinkle lemon pepper generously on filets. Dot with butter. Place filets in covered microwave safe dish and cook for two (2) minutes per filet. Let cool for a couple of minutes and eat em’ with your favorite crackers or French bread.

Now for the fun part – – – sometime during the cooking process I like to stop and add stuff like cheddar cheese, picante sauce on top and pop it back in to until the cheese melts. Actually you can add anything you want to the top and enjoy it. This fish dish can be quick and healthy if you like, but the best thing is to enjoy it.

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